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ORGY& COLD to Co-Headline US Tour Celebrating 25 Years of ‘Candyass’

Gear up for an explosive celebration because industrial/metal/glam outfit ORGY is back and they’re unleashing sheer sonic mayhem to mark the 25th anniversary of their badass album Candyass! Yeah, you heard it right. It’s been a wild quarter-century since ORGY burst onto the scene and shook the industrial rock world to its core. And now, they’re hitting the road on an electrifying co-headline US tour with the incredible COLD, with special guests Horizon Theory and I Ya Toyah , kicking off on April 11.

Brace yourself for a whirlwind of edgy performances, face-melting energy, and mind-bending awesomeness that will leave you begging for an encore. These powerhouse bands are joining forces to tear the stage apart and blow your mind.

Orgy & Cold Co-Headlining 2024 US tour admat

View List of Tour Dates

“Hey guys, I’m excited to announce our upcoming tour with Orgy, Cold, Horizon Theory, and I Ya Toyah. We will be headed out in April and May. So make sure to get your tickets early, so you get a chance to come check all of us out. It’s been a minute since Orgy has done a full tour, so I couldn’t be happier about that.

We will be playing new songs as well as tons of your favorite classic Orgy songs, as we have just released, both Candyass (25 years), and Vapor Transmission on vinyl. 

Everyone in the band is crazy excited about the tour, so I can assure you, it will be well worth the price of admission! Hope to see all of you at the shows! Peace and Love.” – Jay Gordon, lead singer of Orgy.

Candyass vinyl

Candyass & Vapor Transmission 
Remastered Reissues on Vinyl
In Stores February 2

Get ready to pound the pavement and snag the remastered vinyl reissues of Orgy’s groundbreaking albums Candyass and Vapor Transmission.

These two records were released on the Elementree label (started by Korn’s Jonathan Davis) at the turn of the century and have remained among the most requested albums of the era for vinyl release. They are here at last, each remastered for LP and issued with lavish gatefold packaging.

Pre-order Candyass

Orgy was the first act signed by Korn’s Jonathan Davis to his Elementree imprint, and the move paid off right away with their 1998 debut, which went Top 30 and scored a huge hit with its cover of New Order’s “Blue Monday.”

Somehow, though, this enduring late-‘90s favorite has eluded a vinyl release…till now! With the full cooperation of the band, it has been remastered for vinyl (by Mike Milchner of Sonic Vision) and placed this platter inside a beautiful gatefold jacket. Clear with red and yellow swirl pressing.

Pre-order Vapor Transmission

Orgy welcomed the new millennium with another smash album replete with sci-fi themes appropriate to the epochal period of its release (and no doubt influenced by the previous year’s unveiling of The Matrix).

Their debut vinyl issue includes the bonus track “The Spectrum” that only appeared on the first 1,000 copies of the CD, and comes in a dazzling gatefold jacket. Remastered for vinyl by Mike Milchner of Sonic Vision, and pressed in red and yellow “plasma” vinyl.

Anticipate an eargasmic experience as these legendary records hit the shelves of record stores near you. It’s time to crank up the volume and feel the raw power of Orgy in its truest form.

Orgy & Cold 2024 North American Tour Dates:

  • 4/11/2024 – Chicago, IL – The Bottom Lounge
  • 4/12/2024 – Flint, MI – The Machine Shop
  • 4/13/2024 – Des Moines, IA – Lefty’s Live Music
  • 4/14/2024 – Sioux City, IA – The Marquee
  • 4/16/2024 – Colorado Springs, CO – The Black Sheep
  • 4/17/2024 – Denver, CO – Marquis Theater
  • 4/19/2024 – Seattle, WA – Madame Lou’s
  • 4/20/2024 – Portland, OR – Bossanova Ballroom
  • 4/22/2024 – Sacramento, CA – Harlow’s
  • 4/23/2024 – West Hollywood, CA – Whisky a Go Go
  • 4/24/2024 – Fresno, CA – Fulton 55
  • 4/25/2024 – Santa Ana, CA – The Observatory
  • 4/26/2024 – San Diego, CA – Brick By Brick
  • 4/27/2024 – Scottsdale, AZ – Pub Rock Live
  • 4/28/2024 – Albuquerque, NM – Launchpad
  • 4/30/2024 – Austin, TX – Come And Take It Live
  • 5/1/2024 – San Antonio, TX – Paper Tiger
  • 5/2/2024 – Dallas, TX – Trees
  • 5/3/2024 – Houston, TX – Scout Bar
  • 5/4/2024 – Shreveport, LA – Strange Brew
  • 5/6/2024 – New Orleans, LA – House of Blues
  • 5/7/2024 – Tallahassee, FL – Legacy At The Riverfront
  • 5/8/2024 – Fort Lauderdale, FL – Revolution Live
  • 5/9/2024 – Daytona Beach, FL – Welcome to Rockville @ Daytona Speedway
  • 5/10/2024 – Greenville, SC – Radio Room
  • 5/11/2024 – Knoxville, TN – The Concourse
  • 5/12/2024 – Greensboro, NC – Hangar 1819
  • 5/14/2024 – Mechanicsburg, PA – Lovedraft’s
  • 5/15/2024 – Clifton, NJ – Dingbatz
  • 5/16/2024 – New York, NY – The Gramercy Theatre
  • 5/17/2024 – Allentown, PA – Maingate Nightclub
  • 5/18/2024 – Boston, MA – Brighton Music Hall
  • 5/19/2024 – Baltimore, MD – Baltimore Soundstage
  • 5/21/2024 – Syracuse, NY – The Song & Dance
  • 5/22/2024 – Warrendale, PA – Jergel’s
  • 5/23/2024 – Covington, KY – Madison Theater
  • 5/24/2024 – Columbus, OH – The King of Clubs
  • 5/25/2024 – St. Paul, MN – Turf Club

“Cold is excited to be back out on the road with Orgy this Spring on our Co-headline tour for their anniversary of the album Candyass. That album has always been a staple record for an era of music that changed the landscape for things to come in our genre. Looking forward to being a part of the celebration!” – Scooter Ward, lead singer of Cold.

Don’t miss out on this insane musical journey. Head over to the official ORGY website to secure your spot in the chaos for a night that will bring you closer to rock and industrial nirvana.

Prepare yourself for an earth-shattering celebration of 25 years of ORGY’s Candyass like you’ve never experienced before. Get ready to unleash your inner beast because ORGY is back to rock your world once again!

Orgy Online

REVIEW: The HU’s Thunderous Finale of the Warrior Souls Tour at The Van Buren (10-26-2023)

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PHOENIX — On a late October evening in Downtown Phoenix, in a venue named for the street it sits next to – Van Buren – an audience gathered to witness an incredible night of musical diversity, and the final stop on the “Warrior Souls” tour. Three dynamic bands would take the stage this evening, bringing the desert night to life with powerful metal riffs and the pulsating rhythms from these unique bands: The HU, Blind Channel, and NERV. The HU is renowned for blending Mongolian tradition and metal, transporting the audience to far off horizons. Finnish nu metal band Blind Channel ignited the stage with incredibly kinetic music, and the hybrid genre band NERV left a lasting impression with their performance. It was an evening where boundaries were transcended, and as a result, the crowd was left craving more.


NERV performing at The Van Buren
| Photography:
Rodrigo Izquierdo © All Rights Reserved

NERV bills itself as a genre-bending rock band, which is an apt description, as their music crosses boundaries between emo and metal, and some pop mixed in for good measure. Formed in 2016, the Sacramento, CA-based band is rather new to touring life, as they have only toured three times since forming. They released their first album We’re All Patients Here in October of 2022. However, while newer to the touring life and new to the majority of the audience, the band managed to do something that all openers dream of: win over an audience who has never had any exposure to them. 

Dillon Jones - lead singer of NERV - singing in Phoenix
Dillon Jones (Vocalist), NERV
| Photography:
Rodrigo Izquierdo © All Rights Reserved

Lead vocalist Dillon Jones and guitarist and back-up vocalist Scott Buchanan took turns bantering with the audience, with Buchanan immediately gaining fans by wearing a Steve Nash Phoenix Suns jersey on-stage – unfortunately, the Suns would fall to the Lakers shortly after the NERV set ended – and both Jones and Buchanan made sure there was never a dull moment or awkward pauses during their set. Buchanan brought up the Arizona Diamondbacks’ improbable World Series run, which drew loud cheers. Jones also mentioned that singing karaoke until 2 in the morning was a really bad idea, apparently alluding to an incident earlier on the tour where the group had a little too much fun – if that’s even possible. 

Buchanan and Jones are joined onstage by guitarist Jordan Grokett and drummer Tyler Clark, and the band put together a 30 minute set that was, in short, extremely enjoyable, and left many hoping for more from the group. Jones has vocals that switch from a buttery-smooth emo style to a gritty sound that would fit in well with Breaking Benjamin, as well as other giants of metal. There is a bright future for this band, and if spotted on a bill as an opener, it is well-worth your time to show up early. You will not be disappointed.

Blind Channel

Blind Channel
| Photography:
Rodrigo Izquierdo © All Rights Reserved

Up next was Blind Channel, a Finnish nu metal band that formed in 2013, and represented Finland in the 2021 Eurovision contest. They would finish in sixth place in the competition with their song “Dark Side.” The organizers of the Eurovision contest asked the band not to flip the audience off – something that did happen during this show, with both the audience and the band playfully flipping each other off – as the Eurovision contest is a family friendly show, so to get around this, the band painted their middle fingers red. 

Niko Moilanen (Vocalist), Blind Channel
Niko Moilanen (Vocalist), Blind Channel
| Photography:
Rodrigo Izquierdo © All Rights Reserved

The show started off with “Happy Doomsday,” sung to the tune of “Happy Birthday,” with the band wasting absolutely no time in cranking the energy all the way up to 11 as soon as they started the show off. The band was heavily influenced by Linkin Park, and watching co-vocalists Joel Hokka and Niko Moilanen sing using screams that would have made Chester Bennington proud, it becomes very apparent just how influential Bennington and Mike Shinoda were.

In fact, “Scream” from their 2018 album Blood Brothers was dedicated to Bennington following his tragic passing. The lyrics make it very clear just how much they admired Bennington: “My hero, where did you go?/You still echo deep inside my bonesYou gave a choice to those who wanted to bleed/You gave a voice to those who wanted to scream.” The band also did a cover of “Numb” on video, but the song was never released as a standalone. 

Hokka and Moilanen are joined onstage by guitarist Joonas Porko, bassist Olli Matela, drummer Tommi Lalli, and DJ/percussionist Aleksi Kaunisvesi.

Blind Channel's vocalist Joel Hokka head banging
Joel Hokka (Vocalist), Blind Channel
| Photography:
Rodrigo Izquierdo © All Rights Reserved

The band expressed gratitude for being in town, for being on the tour, and made sure to inform everyone where they came from. The band is known in the EU, but had not made a name for themselves stateside. They call themselves the “Backstreet Boys of the metal scene,” and in fact ended their show with a short singalong to the song “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back),” which may have been a bit confusing to anyone who is unfamiliar with the band and unaware of their nickname. There is a bit of a boy band element with the group, so it does fit, but they are far more than a boy band. 

Blind Channel performing in Phoenix
Blind Channel
| Photography:
Rodrigo Izquierdo © All Rights Reserved

Blind Channel, like NERV, should be a must-see when spotted on a bill. The blast of pure energy and fun that comes from this group had a profound effect in bringing up the energy level of the crowd. You could not help but have a great time with these guys. The stage presence, the interactions, the ability to get the entire room to do what they asked with absolutely no hesitation (at one point asking the entire audience to crouch way down until given the word to go back to normal), were remarkable. It is just genuinely fun music with a band that is very good at what they do.

The HU 

The HU performing at The Van Buren
The HU
| Photography:
Rodrigo Izquierdo © All Rights Reserved

To say the crowd was buzzing, ready for The HU would be a bit of an understatement. The HU (which translates to the Mongolian root word for “Human being”) burst onto the scene in 2016 and has grown steadily in popularity ever since.

They are unique in that they only sing in Mongolian, including their Metallica covers, which are arguably significantly better than the originals due to the depth of sound that the traditional instruments provide, as well as the throat singing that provides a unique sound that builds on the growl of James Hetfield. Part of this success comes due to their extensive touring, including quite a few tours throughout the US. They are relatively frequent visitors to Arizona – frequent, that is, for a band that is based in a country half a world away from the Sonoran Desert. The band visited twice in 2022, once this year, and will undoubtedly be back many more times. 

Enkush (Vocalist, Morin khuur), The HU
Rodrigo Izquierdo © All Rights Reserved

The band expands on tour, from the four core members up to a total of eight, which allows them to bring their immense depth of sound to life. The band uses traditional Mongolian instruments and Tuvan throat singing, or Khöömei, as well as the more modern electric guitar and electric bass. 

Temka (Tovshuur), The HU
Rodrigo Izquierdo © All Rights Reserved

The core band consists of:

  • Galbadrakh “Gala” Tsendbaatar, the lead vocalist and one of the throat singers, who also plays the morin khuur. This instrument is known as the national instrument of Mongolia and is sometimes called a horsehead fiddle.
  • Nyamjantsan “Jaya” Galsanjamts, another throat singer, who plays the tsuur, an important instrument in Mongolian music culture, as well as the tumur hhuur, which is similar to a jaw harp in the US.
  • Enkhsaikhan “Enkush” Batjargal, who is also a throat singer and plays the morin khuur.
  • Temuulen “Temka” Naranbaatar, responsible for backing vocals and playing the tovshuur. The tovshuur is a handmade instrument with two or three strings and may resemble a guitar at first glance.

The four touring members include:

  • Unumunkh “Ono” Maralkhuu, who plays percussion, tumur hhuur, and provides backing vocals.
  • Jambaldorj “Jamba” Ayush, the guitarist and backing vocalist.
  • Nyamdavaa “Davaa” Byambaa, the bassist and backing vocalist.
  • Odbayar “Odko” Gantumur, the drummer.

The HU played a 15-song set, drawing mostly from their 2022 album Rumble of Thunder, including “Black Thunder,” “This is Mongol,” and “YUT Hövende,” which they dedicated to the indigenous people around the world, but especially to those affected by the Maui wildfire.

Jaya (Vocalist, Tumur hhuur, Tsuur), The HU
Rodrigo Izquierdo © All Rights Reserved

The lyrics of their songs are often about war and the old ways, with references to war in the song “Wolf Totem.” The wolf is a sacred symbol in Mongolia, with the Mongols considering them the messengers of heaven, and folklore holds that the great Chinggis Khaan – known to the west as Genghis Khan – came from a union between a wolf and an elk. As such, the song sounds like a war chant, one that would strike extreme fear into the hearts of any unfortunate foe who happened to hear it coming over the horizon, while simultaneously giving the army the ability to run through walls for their leader. 

Gala (Vocalist, Morin khuur), The HU
Rodrigo Izquierdo © All Rights Reserved

Throat singing was banned during much of the 20th century by the communist regimes that held the areas that the Mongolians call home due to the fact it was considered “backwards,” and the desire to eliminate all traditions and rituals from a culture before being forcibly assimilated by every communist regime in history. This changed in the 80s, and there has been an explosion of throat singers since the ban was lifted, allowing the general public to once again take part in their traditions. 

There is another layer to the greatness that is The HU: The music videos are absolutely gorgeous, showing off the beauty of the Mongolian steppes, telling an incredible visual and audio story. Each music video, each song leaves you wanting more. 

The same can be said about the shows: they are loud, they are fun, and if you are a fan of metal, you will absolutely have an amazing experience. The show ended with a cover of Metallica’s “Sad But True,” the only song in the encore, and the perfect end to an incredible show. 

The HU performing at The Van Buren
The HU
| Photography:
Rodrigo Izquierdo © All Rights Reserved

The HU and NERV have not yet announced new tour dates, but Blind Channel will spend much of spring 2024 touring Europe. While there are no current tours or local shows announced, it is well worth your while to listen to the catalogs and music videos from these extraordinary bands.

Photo Gallery

Photographer: Rodrigo Izquierdo

The HU, Blind Channel, & NERV – The Van Buren 10-23-26

Photography © Reagle Photography
All Rights Reserved

Victoria K to Release Sophomore Album ‘Kore’

Australia’s Victoria K returns in 2022 for the release of the sophomore album Kore this coming October via Rockshots Records to follow the 2020 debut album Essentia.

Offering up progressive symphonic sound, Kore was specifically written to provide a full orchestral experience that drives people through a sonic journey of growth and grandeur.

Pre-Order Kore

Victoria K Kore album artwork
Victoria K’s ‘Kore’ album artwork

A concept record, Kore” explores modern-day issues through the Homeric Hymn to Demeter (the story of Persephone). Victoria K conceptualized the idea for the album with her producer Lee Bradshaw and then spent many months researching and analyzing the Homeric Hymn to Demeter, even meeting with experts of the Homeric Hymns from Greece. The story was then broken up into its different parts where Victoria Knight wrote the lyrics and developed the melodies for each section of the tale, exploring the myth from a modern perspective.

Victoria K
Victoria K

The tracks were written specifically to encapsulate the various sections of the Homeric Hymn to Demeter and tell the story chronologically through each song and the music grows in intensity throughout the record capturing the emotional state of Persephone and other characters as the story progresses.

The various instruments were then written by Victoria around the lyrics and further enhanced and developed through the production process. Lee Bradshaw then finalized the songs by writing orchestral scores for each song, which were recorded live in Europe, before the final mixing and mastering.

Recommended for fans of Lacuna Coil, Rammstein, Within Temptation, Spirit Box, and Delain, Victoria K‘s forthcoming “Kore” will be released on October 14, 2022.

Victoria K’s “Tower” Music Video

Victoria K online:

New England Extreme Metal Act Aversed Reveals Second Video, “Laboratory,” From Upcoming Album

New England-based extreme metal quintet AVERSED has revealed a video for the scientific-inspired track “Laboratory” from the band’s upcoming release, Impermanent. Watch the video for “Laboratory” today via Toilet Ov Hell or here:

“‘Laboratory’ turns self-reflection and actualization on its head, discussing the consequences of ignoring and exploiting the natural world for our own gain regardless of its spiritual or intellectual benefit,” says drummer Jeff Saltzman. “In this interconnected world, we sow the seeds of our mechanized destruction if we only look inward rather than aim to help others.”

“Laboratory” was inspired by Saltzman’s own time working in a biology laboratory and its effects on the world outside of the lab. “Despite our cutting-edge research, we weren’t helping a soul,” he says. “What’s the point? ‘Laboratory’ is my criticism of the pursuit of scientific progress just for the sake of progress.”

Aversed’s Impermanent is set for release on March 19. Mixed and mastered by Christian Donaldson (CryptopsyThe AgonistShadow of Intent), Impermanent illustrates Aversed’s unique approach to songwriting with nine diverse compositions full of catchy hooks and vast melodies. Aversed offered fans a glimpse of the album last month with a video for the title track.

Watch the video for “Impermanent here:

Pre-orders for Impermanent are available here. In addition to the album, a variety of bundles are also available, as well as a brand new t-shirt design.

With the release of Impermanent, Aversed presents a metal experience cultivated of unprecedented beauty and torment. The third release following 2011’s self-titled EP and 2016’s Renewal EP, Impermanent marks a turning point for the New England scene veterans as they pivot from melodic death metal towards a nuanced balance of blackened and orchestral melodic metal. 

Aversed Is:

  • Haydee Irizarry – Vocals
  • Sungwoo Jeong – Guitars
  • Alden Marchand – Guitars
  • Peter Albert de Reyna – Bass
  • Jeff Saltzman – Drums

Aversed Online:

Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Bandcamp

Model Prisoner’s Debut EP Piss Universe Out Now

Philadelphia’s Model Prisoner recently released their politically-fueled debut EP Piss Universe, a mélange of metal, hardcore, and hip hop. In addition, Metal Injection unveiled the music video for their title track – a song about our society being a hot mess like a f*cked up beauty pageant where fake images and lies prevail, corruption rules, and it’s all just a game about money. Also, Model Prisoner’s bloodline includes influential bands such as Nowhere Roads, Swarm of Arrows, and Label the Traitor. Watch the “Piss Universe” video here.

Piss Universe was engineered, mixed, and mastered by rapidly rising producer Wyatt Oberholzer (Year of the Knife, No Option, Fixation, Struck Nerve) at The Knife Lair in Philadelphia, PA. Additional production and beats were provided by Jack Mickelson. The duo consisting of Keats Rickard and Jay “Lanky” Mallory tracked with Oberholzer in staggered sessions across a few months during quarantine. Influenced by the current state of our country, the result is explosive music with violent vocals and angry lyrics.

Model Prisoner Piss Universe EP Art

Their debut EP Piss Universe was released on August 28, 2020 and is available everywhere for streaming and download via Bandcamp with a vinyl release planned for the fall.

Model Prisoner Is:

  • Jay “Lanky” Mallory (lead vocals, drums)
  • Keats Rickard (guitar, bass, samples, backing vocals)

Model Prisoner Online:

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Featured photo (top) by Lydia Peterson

REVIEW: Tool Prove to be Sharp as Ever In Latest Comeback (10-23-19)

Glendale, AZ — Tool stopped to play the Gila River Arena to an ocean of patiently adoring fans that could not have been more excited to hear the band rip into their ear drums. However, little did everyone in attendance know that what transpired next would be far beyond even what their lofty expectations could prepare them for.

One might think after a 13-year hiatus from recording new music, that a band might be well past their prime but fortunately for Tool, they’re clearly an exception to the rule. With the release of their latest album, Fear Inoculum, this is a band that has proven they won’t compromise their artistic vision for the sake of putting an album out every two years or so. They take their time perfecting a raw, mysterious sound that fans have come to revere over the years.

UK veterans Killing Joke kicked off the night and proved to be an excellent opening act, getting the crowd pumped up with their whiplash-inducing brand of quasi-metal and goth rock sounds. They were definitely an interesting choice for the opening band, but Tool has always brought their friends and greatest musical influences along with them on tour. It was fascinating to observe and clear how Killing Joke’s unique take on music clearly influenced Tool’s own iconic sound as their set went on. Notably, Killing Joke has had many lineup changes throughout the years. But recently, all of their original members are officially back in the band. This brought an inspiring energy to the night that would only flourish in intensity as the time grew closer for Tool to take the stage.

Tool fans awaiting the band’s entrance.
| Photographer:
Rodrigo Izquierdo © All Rights Reserved

Fans of Tool know very well the law of the land at their concerts: no photos or videos. One might find this to be disappointing, but in many ways, it enhances the concert experience as people allow themselves and others to become fully engaged in the moment. As the lights fell to black, the sounds of cheering cut in front of the ambient noise with the swiftness of a starving octogenarian jumping to the front of the line at an early-bird dinner buffet. You could reach out and touch the energy in the room, and just when it seemed like the arena would burst from the crowd’s anticipation, guitarist Adam Jones played the opening swells to the new album’s title track, “Fear Inoculum.”

Maynard James Keenan (Vocals), Tool
| Photographer:
Rodrigo Izquierdo © All Rights Reserved

This was a very good choice for the opening number, not only because it’s the first song on the new album, but also because it represents the first example of new music they presented to the world after a 13-year drought. The song was recreated beautifully in the live setting, and it was accompanied by some of the most impressive Alex Gray-inspired visuals to date. Incredibly long threads formed around the stage in a circular formation as intensely colorful images were projected onto the screen towering behind the band. These threads also allowed the images projected on stage to glide across them in a pseudo-3D effect that was nothing less than spectacular for  lucky enough to capture it firsthand.

Danny Carey (Drums), Tool
| Photographer:
Rodrigo Izquierdo © All Rights Reserved

Familiar clay aliens and faceless men in business suits adorned the screen as fans were treated to the corresponding music videos for each of the band’s older songs. One particular highlight included a full live rendition of “Parabol/Parabola” in all of its 9-minute glory, to the uncontainable delight of many fans in attendance. The drums punched through the mix with a primal fury not seen from many other bands around today, thanks to the incomparable Danny Carey behind the monstrous kit. His effortless playing and ad-libbing enhanced the songs without it sounding too busy or as if he was showing off. Every single drum strike was as tasteful as the last, which is no small feat when you have such a large kit at your disposal to tempt a less stoic individual into overplaying.

Adam Jones (Guitar), Tool
| Photographer:
Rodrigo Izquierdo © All Rights Reserved

Guitarist Adam Jones and bassist Justin Chancellor were also both in exceptional form throughout the night, proving their playing only continues to improve. The ear-piercing squeals of Jones’ dark Les Paul mixed with Chancellor’s thunderous yet melodic bass lines are truly a match made in heaven.

Justin Chancellor (Bass), Tool
| Photographer:
Rodrigo Izquierdo © All Rights Reserved

Other notable highlights of the night included the second song of the set “Ænima”, introduced by singer Maynard James Keenan happily declaring “Alpha Omega. AZ. It’s good to be home. We just got back from LA.” Immediately followed by the familiarly breathy “hey” repeated throughout the intro of the song about a great flood of biblical proportions consuming the entirety of Los Angeles in all of its perceived decay and decadence. This was followed by excellent performances of “The Pot”, “Jambi”, and “Schism”, with the latter incorporating an unexpectedly sped-up bridge section that had to be heard to be believed.

Maynard James Keenan (Vocals), Tool
| Photographer:
Rodrigo Izquierdo © All Rights Reserved

Tool have achieved what so many other bands who have been together for as long as they have only dream of doing successfully: standing the test of time. So many bands of yesteryear lapse into obscurity or worse yet, self-parody, as they make their comebacks. Tool is not one of them. They continue to deliver unprecedented, phenomenal live shows and mind-blowing visuals that only get better as time flows onward. If you get the chance to see them live, do yourself a favor by not missing out, because they deliver every single time.

Photo Gallery

Photographer: Rodrigo Izquierdo

Tool – Gila River Arena 10-23-19

Photography © Reagle Photography
All Rights Reserved

Metal Mariachi Masters METALACHI Announce Southwest U.S. Tour Gritty with Surf Rockers Shark in the Water

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the barrio, METALACHI has announced another run of dates through the southwest this fall!

In addition to METALACHIthe world’s first – and only – heavy metal mariachi bandShark in the Water will deliver a blistering tidal wave of non-stop, raw, gritty surf music.

METALACHI is pumped to wrap up our tour schedule for 2019 at all our favorite venues across the southwest,” says METALACHI manager Warren Moscow. “This run is something we always look forward to, as the whole southwest corridor has been like a second home for us for years…and this time we are bringing even more insanity to the run with the addition of Shark in the Water to the tour.”

METALACHI‘s most recent full-length album, Tres, was released late last year and features covers of songs originally performed by artists such as Judas PriestDioJourneyGuns N’ Roses, including METALACHI‘s popular cover of the Queen classic, “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Watch the video for “Bohemian Rhapsody,” featuring a cameo by comedian Felipe Esparza, here:

METALACHI with Shark in the Water dates:

Metalachi Tour Poster
Click to Enlarge

11/8 – Denton, TX @ Backyard on Bell
11/9 – New Braunfels, TX @ Billy’s Ice 
11/10 – Dallas, TX @ Trees 
11/13 – Austin, TX @ Antone’s
11/14 – Austin, TX @ Antone’s
11/15 – Stafford, TX @ Republic Country Club 
11/16 – Fort Worth, TX @ Lola’s Trailer Park 
11/17 – San Antonio, TX @ Paper Tiger 
11/20 – Tucson, AZ @ 191 Toole
11/21 – Phoenix, AZ @ Rhythm Room  
11/22 – Cottonwood, AZ @ Main Stage* 

*No Shark in the Water

Hailing from Hollywood, CA via Juarez, Mexico, METALACHI is a musical/comedy stage show that somehow seamlessly blends the world of Spinal Tap and Cheech & Chong into an over-the-top stage spectacle. The band is comprised of a five-piece ensemble of classically trained mariachi musician siblings, that have been fused together with the power of heavy metal. Fans can expect an unlikely meshing of metal classics from artist such as Metallica, Slayer, Ozzy Osbourne and more with traditional mariachi standards from the likes of Vicente Fernandez and Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlan… all played with traditional mariachi instrumentation but with a stage show that strays far from traditional!

METALACHI takes their cues from outrageous stage shows like KISS, GWAR and Rob Zombie with outrageous costumes, stage production, personas and onstage antics. The band features Vega De La Rockha on vocals, Queen Kyla Vera on violin, Kiko Cane on guitarron, Paco Halen on guitar, El Cucuy on trumpet and is managed by mysterious impresario Warren Moscow.

METALACHI has garnered worldwide acclaim for their unique brand of raucous humor and innovative musical mastery, quickly amassing a loyal and diverse fan base of music lovers in addition to gaining praise from music royalty such as Dave Lombardo (Slayer), Vinnie Paul (Pantera, Hellyeah), Eric Wilson (Sublime), M. Shadows (Avenged Sevenfold), Billy Idol, and Howard Stern along the way (fun fact – for the past five years, Sublime has used METALACHI‘s debut album Uno to time their set changes, blasting the entire album over the PA at their live shows). On a previous leg of the current tour, METALACHI was personally invited by comedian George Lopez to perform at the grand opening of his Chingon Kitchen at the Vee Quiva Hotel in Arizona.

METALACHI has been featured on America’s Got Talent, CNN’s Great Big StoryRolling Stone en Español, BBC’s Outlook via NPR, Huffington Post, and National Geographic, and their music has been heard on FX’s The Bridge and in a TV commercial for DirecTV. 

METALACHI has been named one of the 10 best Mexican Metal Bands worldwide by OC Weekly, was named #4 on a list of the top 20 tribute bands based in Los Angeles by LA Weekly, and was voted as one of the best live shows in Southern California by Examiner.com.


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All-Star Metal Band IMONOLITH Reveals First Official New Single “Hollow”

Imonolith – the new metal powerhouse featuring vocalist Jon Howard (Threat Signal, Arkaea), drummer Ryan ‘RVP’ Van Poederooyen (Devin Townsend Project), guitarist Brian Waddell (Devin Townsend Project), bassist Byron Stroud (Strapping Young Lad, Fear Factory), and second guitarist Kai Huppunen (Methods of Mayhem, Noise Therapy) – is making an unforgettable entrance with a brand new official single, “Hollow”, available to stream/download for the first time today.

Experience the highly-anticipated new track via a brand new video:

“Hollow” serves as the perfect introduction to Imonolith, a band whose mission is simple: to write the heaviest riffs, the biggest hooks and most monstrous grooves. Given the impressive pedigree of each player, they do exactly this and more.

Stream or Purchase “Hollow” Here

Recorded and produced by Brian Howes and Jay Van Poederooyen (Nickelback, Chris Cornell, Airbourne, Hinder, Daughtry) at Van Howes Studios in Los Angeles, California, “Hollow” is immediately setting the bar high – and the best is yet to come.

Drummer Ryan ‘RVP’ Van Poederooyen comments: “‘Hollow’ is a song about the personal battles we all can face internally. Social pressures and self expectation can drive you to a point of feeling hollow inside if you don’t meet specific standards in your mind. The song itself actually has a positive message built into it. It’s not about feeling hollow, it’s more about preventing that hollow feeling that any one of us can develop through negative thinking and limited beliefs.”

Fans can expect many surprises as they unveil more music. RVPcontinues: “As for ‘Hollow’, musically it represents the catchier side of Imonolith’s music. We have varying influences spread throughout the band and we don’t like to play just one style of music. We have a more metal crushing side, a catchier radio side and then music that fits in-between our heavy and catchier vibes. We always aim to make Imonolith’s overall sound diverse and interesting. Most of all, we’re always focused on trying to write a great song, no matter if it’s heavy or catchy.”

Imonolith was officially formed in February 2018 by drummer Ryan ‘RVP’ Van Poederooyen and guitarist Brian Waddell, although the pair started writing their own brand of heavy music in 2015 whilst playing together in the Devin Townsend Project. RVP and Waddell then went on to recruit vocalist Jon Howard, bassist Byron Stroud, and second guitarist Kai Huppunen, completing a fearsome line-up. The Canadian quintet have since written a mass of highly diverse material, which appeals to everyone from the metalhead to the radio rock fan, and everyone in between.

About Imonolith

Imonolith - Photo Credit: Dave Benedict
Imonolith | Photography: Dave Benedict

Since teasing demos and video clips online, Imonolith have amassed a dedicated legion of supporters worldwide, and with the release of the new single, their following is set to expand by the thousands. With their first run of shows throughout Canada announced and big international plans in the pipeline, 2019 is set to be a huge year for Imonolith.

Imonolith Confirmed Tour Dates:

February 23 – The Red Room, Vancouver, BC – Tickets
March 1 – Dickens, Calgary, AB – Tickets
March 2 – Starlite Temple, Edmonton, AB – Tickets

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Hip-Hop/Metal Crossover Group CONCRETE DREAM Release New Music Video for “Relationshit”

This summer, hip-hop/EDM/hardcore metal crossover project Concrete Dream has released three singles: “Catch 22“, “One Thing“, and now, the new single “Relationshit“. Today, fans can witness the brand new music video for “Relationshit“, directed by Don Capria, via New Noise Magazine. Watch here.

Singer Jeremiah Mayhem says, “This song is about hiding your true self from the people you love. With your significant other, you live the lie because you’re either comfortable or may not want confrontation; which comes with being honest. And as we continue to live the lie, it turns into a ‘relationshit’, not a relationship.”

“All of our new songs are about struggle,” adds Jeremiah. “It is about a cycle in most people’s lives – we love something, we lose it, mess it up, or it leaves us, then we feel pain, and then we find a way to escape the pain. Then we repeat, again and again. This negative to positive cycle drives us forward, and we’re inspired by both the good and the bad.”

Want more? Watch the official music video for “Catch 22“, which originally premiered via Alternative Press, here.

About Concrete Dream

New Jersey-based Concrete Dream exudes a distinct, raw, yet accessible power and clean execution previously unmatched by any artist in the scene. Do not mistake this band for another local – the self-described “trap-metal” quartet are on another level, crafting potent, consistent anthems that will have listeners singing along while still hitting hard as nails.

After tapping the keen production talents of This or the Apocalypse-vocalist-turned-producer Ricky Armellino for each new single, the infectious sound reached the ears of New York hardcore legend Lord Ezec (Crown of Thornz, Skarhead, Danny Diablo), who quickly signed them to his new label, E-Train Records.

“I met Jeremiah Mayhem and immediately liked him,” says Lord Ezec, who signed the band earlier this year to E-Train Records. “He was genuine. He was real. He was like a younger version of me. Once he played me the music I was blown away. I met the band and saw a real tight unit. They care about their music and the message. Their live show says it all and that’s why I knew I needed to sign them. I want to help advance them to get their voices heard.”

Make no mistake, Concrete Dream is a band to watch in 2018.

Don’t miss Concrete Dream performing on August 11th at “Sound Purge“, taking place at Lot 13 in Bayonne, NJ (169 E Ave E). Doors open at 8:00 PM. See here for more details. The band will also perform at the “Why Is Music Important?” gallery in support of the You Rock Foundation for mental health awareness on August 31st. The event will take place at The Cyclorama at Soundwars Studios in Hoboken, NJ from 6:00 – 10:00 PM. Visit this page for more information on the event.

Concrete Dream is:

Jeremiah Mayhem – Vocals
John Kennedy – Guitar
Alejandro Mena – Bass
Juan Bang – Drums

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Breakout Metal Band A LIGHT DIVIDED to Release Infectiously-Catchy Full-Length Album, “Choose Your Own Adventure”, on October 5, 2018

Prepare to be impressed! Infectious pop hooks, exhilarating vocals, hair-raising riffs, and unforgettable melodies are only a fraction of what listeners should expect to hear on A Light Divided‘s upcoming full-length release, Choose Your Own Adventure, releasing to the masses on October 5, 2018. Chock full of catchy, memorable anthems that poise A Light Divided to be the next big pop/metal crossover, Choose Your Own Adventure is an essential listen. Choose Your Own Adventure is available for pre-order now in physical and digital formats.
Choose Your Own Adventure album cover

Pre-Order Choose Your Own Adventure Here

A Light Divided features the breathtaking, powerhouse pipes of frontwoman Jaycee Clark, plus instrumentation from drummer Adam Smith, bassist Mike Underwood and guitarists Doug Weichbrodt and Colt Crevar. As proven by their work ethic and determination to succeed coupled with their high-intensity live show, A Light Divided have amassed a growing underground army of dedicated fans. Their unique blend of rock and metal with pop sensibility has landed them opportunities to perform on the Vans Warped Tour and with national acts such as In This MomentRed Jumpsuit Apparatus and Crowbar.

Get your very first taste of Choose Your Own Adventure with the hooky, high-energy new single and electrifying music video for “Fear of Heights”, directed and filmed by Justin Reich of Antimatter Studios. The video was originally premiered by Alternative Press and can be viewed via the AltPress Facebook page or via YouTube.

Watch the Electrifying New Music Video for the High-Energy Single “Fear of Heights”

“As someone who constantly battles with anxiety and self-image concerns, “Fear of Heights” deals with being afraid to get out of your own way when it comes to relationships,” says vocalist Jaycee Clark. “It’s scary being vulnerable enough to let someone into your inner crazy because what if they don’t like what they find? But for the right person, you realize you have to open up and face those fears or you risk losing everything.”

As made evident on “Fear of Heights”, A Light Divided‘s undeniable songwriting prowess is accented by Choose Your Own Adventure‘s lyrical content. The band explores personal, relevant topics – ranging from relationships to mental health – inspired by their own lives and losses. At the age that important decisions they make now could impact the development of the rest of their lives, all five members of A Light Divided put their own experiences to paper on Choose Your Own Adventure, creating a relatable experience for listeners.

“We underwent a lot of major changes since our last record so, it was really important for Choose Your Own Adventure to reflect all of that growth,” says Jaycee. “We constantly pushed ourselves to step further and further outside our comfort zone and ultimately created a record I couldn’t be more proud of. Lyrically, Choose Your Own Adventure deals with topics like frustration, mental health, loss, betrayal, relationships, hope and continuing to fight for what you love despite those challenges. I think everyone has had those experiences at some point and I hope these songs can help someone to see the light in those dark times.”

Choose Your Own Adventure was produced by Kile Odell (Motionless In White, Cane Hill) and Joshua Landry (Letters From The Fire, Motionless In White).
New Noise Magazine called the band’s last album, Mirrors“…one of the most dynamic, diverse and important genre-blended alternative rock albums of the year,” but A Light Divided take the potency to a whole new level on Choose Your Own Adventure.

Choose Your Own Adventure track listing:

1. Make Your Luck
2. Fear of Heights
3. Remedy
4. Another Bar Fight In Brooklyn
5. Life Lessons
6 The War We Watched
7. Scars of You
8. Finding Center
9. Sink Into Nothing
10. Plastic Crowns
11. Counting To Sober
12. Armor and War Paint

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