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The Format’s Comeback Sells Out, Sparks Outcries – Ticket Sites are Backed Up and Too Slow


All scheduled shows have been cancelled.

The Format - A message from Sam & Nate
The Format – A message from Sam & Nate | Click to enlarge

Wait, Wait, Wait

APRIL 6, 2021 UPDATE: Although millions of people are getting vaccinated every day, the band is feeling uncertain about this summer so they’ve decided to push the reunion shows to next March and April, 2022.
More Details Here

JUNE 11, 2020 UPDATE: In the interest of following government guidelines and keeping everyone safe, The Format has moved the reunion shows from this July to next July 2021.
More Details Here

MARCH 12, 2020 UPDATE: Due to concerns related to the coronavirus, The Format has decided to move their upcoming shows to this July.
More Details Here

Original Article

On February 4th, 2020, exactly 12 years to the day after The Format shocked music fans with the announcement of a hiatus, they caused a scene with another announcement: they would be playing five shows in three cities in the spring of 2020. 

The Format was born in Arizona, formed by friends and classmates Nate Ruess and Sam Means, and it could be argued that they are a quintessentially Arizona band. It would hard, if not impossible, to find an Arizonan who did not hear the song “Tune Out” and nod in weary understanding when hearing the lyrics, “The 51 is backed up and too slow,” quite possibly while they were sitting on the aforementioned 51 – which is, unsurprisingly, even more backed up these days 17 years after the song was released. 

The Format with their live band at Tucson’s KFMA Day 2005
Nate Ruess, Mike Schey, Don Raymond, Marko Buzard, Adam Boyd, Sam Means
Katherine Amy Vega © All Rights Reserved.

There was some rumbling on social media about the concerts listed at first: two in New York, Two in Chicago and only one in their hometown. The belief was that there should be at least two here in Phoenix – after all, it is their hometown. 

Once the presale went live it became very apparent that The Format was greatly missed by their adoring fans. The website was overwhelmed, causing massive headaches for those trying to buy the limited presale tickets. The demand was so intense and the presale sold out so fast that an extra show was added in each city: now there were three in New York and Chicago and two in Phoenix. 

The decision was also made to move the sale from the TicketWeb platform to Ticketmaster, likely due to the latter having a better architecture to handle the expected flood of diehard fans trying to snag the very limited tickets. 

The name Ticketmaster — to anyone who enjoys live music at all — is a four-letter word. In recent months, there have been many major shows that sell out very quickly, only to have massive amounts of tickets pop up in the secondary market at obscene prices. 

The 2017 Metallica scandal is still fresh in the minds of many; the scalping of 4,400 tickets per show by design – benefiting the band, companies and individuals involved at the cost of alienating the fans that were left out in the cold or with lighter wallets than they would have if the company had played fair.

For that reason – and many others – it is not hard to feel an added layer of trepidation and frustration when waiting in the queue for tickets – after all, how many bots and scalpers are you fighting to get in to see your favorite band? 

Unfortunately for many fans of The Format, today would not be an exception. 

At 12 noon, the floodgates opened and many fans found themselves staring at their screens in disbelief. The queue for the second show at the Van Buren – a venue that has a capacity of 1,800 – showed that there were 2,000+ people in front of anyone not there in the first minute of the tickets going on sale. 

At 12:10 a link suddenly popped up at the bottom of the screen for those in the queue. Just above it the announcement read, in not so many words: Yeah, ok, we should have led with three shows. We just added another one.

By 12:20 everyone in the queue for the newest show at The Van Buren was getting messages that the third show was sold out, and minutes after, the first tickets showed up on resale sites for predictably obscene amounts. The band may have found, to their surprise, that they were a far, far bigger deal than they realized they would still be after 12 years. 

Adding extra shows can result in diminishing demand as each show is added. However, in this case there was no slowdown from the first show to the third — a sign of how well-loved they are even after all this time away.

February 27 Update

NYC + Phoenix: The Format has launched a scalper-free ticket exchange with Lyte for the shows at The Bowery Ballroom + The Van BurenHERE

As the day wore on and more people on social media got angrier and angrier about the tickets being scooped up by scalpers, The Format posted an acknowledgement on their Facebook page. The below is part of their statement:

“We’ve seen a bunch of folks posting and saying that scalpers are taking all of the tickets. We want to let you know that we are working with the venues to scour every ticket purchase and make sure that they go to our true fans…not scalpers. We’ve already cancelled a bunch of purchases and made tickets available again.”

February 27 Update

NYC + Phoenix: The Format has launched a scalper-free ticket exchange with Lyte for the shows at The Bowery Ballroom + The Van Burenhttps://lyte.com/theformat/

The Format will forever be a cherished band and a staple from the young adulthood of many that grew up here in Phoenix and elsewhere. Their return from hiatus, however long it may last, is a welcome and exciting one, and their willingness to listen to their fans and address an issue that is causing anguish among their potential concert-goers is refreshing. To the few that managed to snag tickets, congratulations are in order. The message to the band from the fans, including this writer, is clear:

Welcome back. We’ve missed you.

The Format released its 2007 live DVD/documentary Live at the Mayan Theatre for the first time ever to listen to on SpotifyApple MusicAmazon, and more, as well as to watch on Amazon Prime Video and The Format YouTube channel.  

The Format Online

Website | Facebook | Twitter
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Featured photo (top) December 17th, 2004 at Body Soul
by Katherine Amy Vega
© All Rights Reserved

PHOTOS: The Movielife & The Early November with Racquet Club at The Rebel Lounge 10-3-17

PHOENIX — While genre-bending musician & DJ Bonobo was electrifying The Van Buren downtown, The Rebel Lounge was being taken over by post-hardcore, indie, and alternative rock.  On the bill were co-headlining classic Drive-Thru Records artists The Movielife & The Early November, along with Racquet Club, & locals Daylight Heist.

Racquet Club - Photography: Russ Broty
Blair Shehan (Vocalist, Guitarist), Racquet Club
Photography: Russ Broty, Photo Editor: Katherine Amy Vega
© All Rights Reserved

Racquet Club

Phoenix was the first night that Racquet Club joined this tour, and they will continue through to the last show on October 14. Racquet Club features members of Knapsack, The Jealous Sound, and Samiam. They released their debut self-titled album on September 29, just 4 days before this Phoenix show. Fans of local legends The Format, whose lead vocalist was Nate Ruess, may have recognized vocalist Blair Shehan from The Jealous Sound when they performed together in 2003 along with Limbeck and The Like.


The Early November

The Early November played their debut album, The Room’s Too Cold, in it’s entirety, to the delight of the crowd that sang 3/4 of the songs. The band took a break from 2007 to 2011, and has been active up until the present, with their fifth studio album Fifteen Years released in January of this year. The Early November performed as part of the Taste of Chaos line-up at Comerica Theatre in July of 2016; alongside Saosin, Taking Back Sunday, & Dashboard Confessional. (View our review & photos here.)

The Early November - Photography: Russ Broty
Arthur “Ace” Enders (Vocalist, Guitarist), The Early November
Photography: Russ Broty, Photo Editor: Katherine Amy Vega © All Rights Reserved

The Movielife

The Movielife released their first new album in 14 years, Cities in Search of A Heart, on September 22. Their 2014 reunion was a dream come true for fans who didn’t expect their return 11 years after their 2003 break-up, those who never had a chance to see them before, and for Phoenix fans who didn’t expect the band to play outside of New York.

Vinnie Caruana (Vocalist), The Movielife
Photography: Russ Broty, Photo Editor: Katherine Amy Vega © All Rights Reserved

Daylight Heist

Daylight Heist, who were on after The Movielife, are the official resident DJs of EmoNightPHX, which has been taking place at The Rebel Lounge, but will next be at The Van Buren on October 21. You can check them out, along with out all-emo cover band Hands Down, and other special guests (TBA) that night. Some of the special guest DJs that EmoNightPHX has had this year include: Buddy Neilsen of Senses Fail (9/27), Ryan Key of Yellowcard (7/20), and JT Woodruff of Hawthorne Heights (6/22).



Photographer: Russ Broty | Photo Editor: Katherine Amy Vega

The Movielife & The Early November with Racquet Club – The Rebel Lounge 10-3-17

Photography © Looking at You Too
All Rights Reserved

PHOTOS: Nate Ruess – FestivALT Phoenix (4-23-16)

Photos of Nate Ruess (fun., The Format) performing at ALT AZ 93.3’s FestivALT in downtown Phoenix, Arizona on April 23, 2016.

Nate Ruess – FestivALT Phoenix 4-23-16

Photography by Katherine Vega, © Kataklizmic Design



VIDEO: Nate Ruess Goes Crazy at Alt AZ 93.3’s FestivALT 4-23-16

I had the honor of being asked to produce a video for Nate Ruess, as he paid homage to the late, great Prince last night at Alt AZ 93.3’s FestivALT in downtown Phoenix, Arizona!

Check out the mind-blowing performance from Nate Ruess and The Band Romantic below!

Video Production (Footage, Audio, and Editing)
by Katherine VegaKataklizmic Design


BREAKING! Alt AZ 93.3 FestivAlt Schedule FINALLY Released!

2PM (Doors Open)
2:30P Luxxe
3:30P Jason DeVore
4:35P Never Shout Never
5:40P JR JR
9:20P Nate Ruess (from fun. and The Format)

Regular tickets are $39 + fees,
and day of show will be about $45 + fees.

Click Here for Tickets