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Italian Symphonic Metallers ETERNAL SILENCE Release ‘3’ EP with New Single called “Antithesys”

Building on the positive reception garnered by their full-length album “Timegate Anathema,” released through Rockshots Records in 2020, ETERNAL SILENCE has now unveiled their latest digital EP titled “3.”

About The ‘3’ EP

The EP serves as a conceptual exploration, drawing inspiration from the Norse legend of the Norns, divine beings entrusted with shaping the trajectories of human destinies. These eternal and formidable entities, wielding the power to script the fate of the universe, take center stage in a narrative uniquely crafted by Marika Vanni and the band. This tale unfolds across three distinct parts, each offering independent stories that seamlessly converge into a unified and compelling narrative.

"3" EP artwork by Jessica Campo
“3” EP artwork by Jessica Campo

The album is complemented by artwork created by Jessica Campo, where each piece visually represents a distinct chapter of the narrative conveyed in this EP. The recording sessions transpired at 2Play Studio in Induno Olona (VA), with the meticulous mixing and mastering skillfully handled by Maria Grazia Zancopè.


  1. Thread Of Life  
  2. Prayer Of The Resilient
  3. Antithesys
  4. Death And The Maiden
  5. How Soon Is Now

The number 3 holds infinite significance, particularly within this EP, where profound connections to Norse mythology are interwoven. Much like the Norns, pivotal female figures transcending human existence, three is symbolic. These entities intricately weave, braid, and ultimately sever the threads of both mortals and gods, concurrently nurturing Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life. Their care facilitates the perpetual flourishing of this ancient tree within its eternal life cycle.



Thus, the band reveals its most recent sonic opus, marking the third chapter in their conceptual series. The track offers a distinctive viewpoint from the final Norn, a Valkyrie grappling with the duality of strength and maidenhood, determining the fate of humanity by severing the thread of life. Infused with a captivating fusion of power, folk, doom, and gothic metal, the band delves into darker themes, narrating the internal conflict of a young woman navigating her various roles. This release, featuring the accomplished violinist Katija Di Giulio, further cements Eternal Silence’s stature as a dynamic force in the metal scene.

Alberto Cassina, singer, guitarist, and founder of the band, states: “This is a project that I had in mind for some time. I have always been fascinated by Norse mythology and its evocative atmospheres, which have accompanied me for several years and have become a part of me. In the pre-production phase, we worked closely with the Rockshots Records team and our management, who had the opportunity to listen to and appreciate the timeless atmospheres of the legends, showing curiosity about the development of the story. Hence the decision to present our effort divided into a few releases so that the listener can also be captivated by this magical and intense aura”.


  • Marika Vanni – Vocals 
  • Alberto Cassina – Guitar / Vocals 
  • Martino Boneschi – Solo Guitar 
  • Katija Di Giulio – Violin 
  • Alessio Sessa – Bass 
  • Lorenzo Aimo – Drums

For more information on ETERNAL SILENCE, visit the band’s official channels:

Progressive Metal Group ETHERIUS Reveals Stunning New Music Video for “March and Defy”

New EP, Thread of Life, out Today

New Jersey-based progressive metal quartet Etherius are thrilled to release their remarkable new instrumental progressive metal EP, entitled Thread of Life, today. The impressive new five track offering is available to order now via AmazoniTunes, and Google Play. You can also stream it now via Spotify.

Etherius - Thread of Life - Album ArtIn celebration of today’s release, Etherius have revealed a brand new music video for their barnburner track, “March and Defy”, filmed/directed/edited by Michael J Adams of Blackline Studios and recorded at High Tor State Park, NY.

Guitarist Jay Tarantino says about the track and video: “‘March and Defy’ was the last track that was finished for this EP. When I brought the song to the guys we agreed that it felt incomplete. We worked out a new section for after the intro and made some changes to the arrangement and it really came together. It features some of my most challenging lead work and I love the way the main hook came out.”

The new video for “March and Defy” introduces new guitarist Jon Perkins, stepping in for former guitarist John Kiernan. Perkins originally hails from São Paulo, Brazil, and brings a strong a jazz guitar and classical composition background into the fold, accelerated by his studies at both UMiami’s Frost School of Music and Columbia University. He came in contact with the members of Etherius after performing with drummer Zaki Ali in guitarist Gus Sinaro’s backing band.

Perkins says, “It’s been exciting getting to know the members of Etherius and getting a sense of how they interpret musical ideas in a performance setting. I’ve come to see a strong sense of musical discipline and a shared sense of focus, determination and all around professionalism in everyone. I am greatly looking forward for the album release and what lies ahead for Etherius.”

Jay Tarantino adds, “We’re excited to have Jon come into the band. We’ve had the chance to get to know him after he filled in on guitar for us a few months ago for a gig at the last minute. I was impressed with how quickly he picked up the material, because it is not easy music to play. His jazz background makes him a versatile player and his attitude and work ethic fit right in with the chemistry that’s been created between Zaki, Chris, and myself.”

While online, check out the latest Etherius behind the scenes videos detailing the making of Thread of Life, exclusively hosted by Gear Gods. Catch parts one and two here, detailing drums and bass, respectively, and stay tuned for part three detailing the recording of guitars: Part One, Drums  |  Part Two, Bass


Check out more Etherius videos here:

“The Inevitable End” Music Video

Drum playthrough for “The Inevitable End”

Guitar playthrough for “Soothsayer”

Guitar playthrough for “Thread of Life”

Bass playthrough for “Thread of Life”


Etherius was formed by guitarist Jay Tarantino in 2017. After gaining experience as a touring rhythm guitarist for guitar virtuoso Angel Vivaldi, Tarantino decided to branch out on his own with the goal of making music unlike the djent/electronic stylings of the current instrumental guitar scene. The result is Etherius – a fresh new take on progressive metal/neoclassical shred incorporating classic thrash elements. Etherius features lead guitarist Jay Tarantino, drummer Zaki Ali, bassist Chris Targia and second guitarist Jon Perkins.

The concept of Thread of Life and the album’s artwork were inspired by ancient Greek mythology, specifically TheMoirai (moy-ray), or “three fates”. Thread of Life was produced and engineered by Jay Tarantino and Zaki Ali with Angel Vivaldi acting as co-producer, was recorded at Backroom Studios in Rockaway, New Jersey (owned by Dillinger Escape Planguitarist Kevin Antreassin), and was mixed/mastered by Mutiny Within vocalist Chris Clancy at Audioworks Productions. Additional tracking was completed with Angel Vivaldi at his home studio.

With one listen to Thread of Life it’s clear that combined, the four extremely talented musicians of Etherius produce a clean, awe-inspiring sound merging powerful progressive elements that will appeal to not only the most discerning and critical metal fans, but to the heavy music-loving masses as well.

Etherius are currently endorsed by Kiesel Guitars.


Thread of Life track listing:

1. Thread of Life
2. The Soothsayer
3. March and Defy
4. The Inevitable End
5. Lament

Etherius Live Dates:

9/2 – New York, NY @ Mercury Lounge w/ The Astra Cadence, Book of Harmony – 6:00 PM, $12 – TICKETS

Etherius Online:

Facebook  |  Bandcamp | YouTube


REVIEW: Miss Krystle Showcases New EP At Intimate Private Studio 11-11-17

PHOENIXPop recording artist Miss Krystle has just released the six-song EP Inevitable as the follow up to her successful Woman In Motion CD. This night was a showcase of the new songs along with an offering of music from her first three studio CDs. The intimate VIP party was held in a controlled private studio called the Premier Room at Premier Studios on Indian School Road. Guests arrived in anticipation of the live show and explored the venue and the well-stocked merchandise booth while networking with friends and industry associates.

Miss Krystle lit up the room at 8:30pm when she hit the stage dressed all in black; a dramatic contrast to her signature fiery red mane. The set started with “Right Movement” a collaboration with KJ Swaka (Pendulum and Destroit) and “Take Me Home” which was produced by Zion Brock. The hard-hitting electronica tracks are brought to life by the solid rhythm section of That Orko on bass and Brent Hensley on drums.  This music transcends labels of pop or electronic dance music.  It is edgy and in-your-face, but it is uniquely Miss Krystle. With lyrics like, “I’m a wolf, not a sheep,” she has no regrets in blazing new trails forging her own sound.

Miss Krystle - Photo Credit: Mark Greenawalt
Miss Krystle
Photo Credit: Mark Greenawalt © All Rights Reserved.

Miss Krystle commands the stage and pours her soul into each line. The fans in the audience are under her spell and sing along with the next two songs from Woman In Motion; “Dukes Up” and “Pressure”. The high energy has been non-stop and her performance has been an aerobic workout, but still the vocals are spot on.  From assertive lines of angst to soft soaring notes she is matching the studio versions of the songs note for note.

At the end of this introductory frenzy, there is a catharsis. The band exits the stage and Miss Krystle is left alone with keyboard and a spotlight.  This is where we learn that Miss Krystle is more than a pretty face with rock star vocals as she demonstrates her classical training on piano and delivers some of her original songwriting. The three-song solo “acoustic” set starts off with her song “I Don’t Cry” from the Run CD. This song has a beautiful music video where she performs in elegant body paint and has over 200,000 views. The crowd cheers as she begins singing. Next up is “Relevant”; the first song played from the new EP.  In an interview with The Arizona Republic, Miss Krystle described the message of this song saying “The only person who should make you feel relevant and loved is ultimately you.” The studio version of the song has a sonically big production that conveys the emotional message, but ironically this stripped down piano/vocal version may have emoted even more heartfelt emotion. The third song in the set was a totally unexpected cover of “God Only Knows” by the Beach Boys. This brought a smile to everyone’s face and it seemed to be a true expression of love to some lucky person in the room.

Miss Krystle - Photo Credit: Mark Greenawalt
Miss Krystle
Photo Credit: Mark Greenawalt © All Rights Reserved.

The band returned to the stage and the energy again cranked up for two more songs from the new EP, “Inevitable” and “Wild Like Fire.”  Miss Krystle has been very prolific at self-producing high quality music videos and her latest is for the song “Inevitable.” In an industry where record deals seem to have lost their teeth, she has been successfully gaining celebrity through self-promotion and a lot of hard work. Her new songs are collaborations with her musical partner, That Orko, who has helped to elevate her production sound and inspired her to write songs that she says are some of her “best music to date.”

Miss Krystle - Photo Credit: Mark Greenawalt
Miss Krystle
Photo Credit: Mark Greenawalt © All Rights Reserved.

Miss Krystle isn’t relying on sex appeal to connect with her audience, but she definitely isn’t trying to hide it either. There is a seductiveness to her moves that matches the message in “Focused All Night” from Woman In Motion. She strips one layer of black and eventually focuses on each person in the room, one at a time, making eye contact and making a personal connection.  One can envision her doing this same performance on a national stage with backup dancers, lights and pyrotechnics, a 10-piece band, and a stadium crowd. Although her surroundings were much more reserved, her performance proved that she is ready for prime time.

The 14-song set culminated in trio of covers that kept in sync with the high energy of the evening with “Lap Dance” by NERD, “Breath” by The Prodigy, and an homage to Beyonce with “Crazy In Love” that had everyone moving. Lastly, it was back to an original for the final song of the night which was “Unforgettable”…literally and figuratively. This song’s haunting melody is addictive and complements the lyrical intent to never fade into anonymity,  “Burning in your memory you know I’m unforgettable…On your mind and in your dreams I’m a part of history.” The band left it all on the stage and there was no holding back to put on a fantastic show.

Miss Krystle - Photo Credit: Mark Greenawalt
Miss Krystle
Photo Credit: Mark Greenawalt © All Rights Reserved.

This was a VIP experience so everyone had their chance to meet the band, take selfies, and get their CDs, prints, and t-shirts autographed. The venue was a perfect place for a band showcase and the sound was appropriately loud while remaining clear.  The only annoyance was the automated lighting chase that wasn’t synched to the music and each scene was monochromatic. Other than that, the space was a perfect venue to promote the new EP from Miss Krystle. Look out for her next music video release for the song “Relevant” coming soon to her bustling Youtube channel.



Photographer: Mark Greenawalt

Miss Krystle – Premiere Studios 11-11-17

Photography © Mark Greenawalt.
All Rights Reserved

REVIEW: DaDadoh + The P.o.C. “You Can’t Rap Forever” EP Release at The Trunk Space 9-25-17

PHOENIX — With an Arizona summer solar-powered surge of ambition, Tempe-based Alternative HipHop artist DaDadoh started recording the 6-track You Can’t Rap Forever in June of this year. In only four months between then and the release show, he worked with a perfectionistic fervor to re-work and refine his songs that had already proven popular. Regardless of unwavering confidence in the songs he’s written, DaDadoh honed his insatiable appetite for challenging himself to accomplish beyond what he thought feasible before. In fact, he mixed and mastered the album, and performed all of the songs including all of the instrumentals, himself. The result was reaching the same kind of new heights as an artist that he is regularly helping other artists achieve as a music producer with his record label TVLiFE Entertainment.

DaDadoh - Photographer: Lnin Oo
Photo Credit: Lnin Oo
| Editor: Katherine Amy Vega
© All Rights Reserved

Although You Can’t Rap Forever is a cohesive addition to DaDadoh’s discography, the release brings a fresh sound that comes with his growth and evolution as an artist and a person. Lyrically, he continues to cleverly inject commentary into his verses, using music as his platform to have a voice in matters. Steering away from his cocky, comedic, and sex-saturated themes of the 2016 release Radical, he takes a more sober tone, and channels angst into his music. The new release is both melodic, and infused with punk rock. The album feels sincere and intense – like it’s made of his very soul. Get ready to get f*cked up when you dive in.

You can buy You Can’t Rap Forever on Bandcamp as a digital download only, or with a physical copy in CD format: Here


Photographer: Lnin Oo

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DaDadoh + The P.o.C. - Trunk Space

View Album in Separate Window

While DaDadoh is a charismatic (and somewhat-eccentric) staple in the Phoenix local music scene, he isn’t one to boast; despite the fact that one might consider him a hiphop-flavored renaissance man. If you’re not familiar with his projects and you’re reading this now, it might have taken some online sleuthing to discover that on top of his solo project and music production, he also hosts “Before The Show: The Podcast,” and is a member of bands including Exxxtra Crispy and Militia Joan Hart. And during the four months leading up to the EP release, he helped local musicians even further by recruiting 3 live band members – now known as The P.o.C. – Andy Warpigs (Guitar & Vocals), Jimmie Lewis (Bass), and Daviid Giiron (Drums).

The more you learn about DaDadoh, the more you come to understand that he passionately pours 100% into his artistic projects, and how important the community is to him. Although this release show was his time to shine, his gratitude for his new bandmates, and all of the fans and media people swarming around The Trunk Space venue, was no secret; nor was their willingness and enthusiasm to support his release show – and THAT reciprocal community is what Burning Hot Events is all about.

Catch DaDadoh’s next show,
with Amuck, Wait for the Sun, & TOSO,
at Rogue Bar on October 10!



Photographer: Katherine Amy Vega

DaDadoh + The P.o.C. – Trunk Space 9-25-17

Photography © Katherine Amy Vega, Kataklizmic Design
All Rights Reserved.