Dead Cross - Photo credit: Jim Hesterman

PHOTOS: Dead Cross at Marquee Theatre 8-12-17

Dead Cross LP

Tempe, Ariz. — Dead Cross, the band comprised of Dave Lombardo (Slayer), Mike Patton (Faith No More/Tomahawk), Justin Pearson (Retox/The Locust) and Michael Crain (Retox), stopped at Marquee Theatre on their first national tour, supporting their self-titled debut album.

Rolling Stone said the release is chock full of “head-spinning ragers.”

Photo Album

Photographer: Jim “Fury” Hesterman

Dead Cross – Marquee Theatre 8-12-17

Photography © Jim Hesterman
All Rights Reserved

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Jim Hesterman
Portrait/Promo Photographer, Video Producer at Burning Hot Events, Kataklzmic Design

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