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REVIEW: Breaking the Sound Barrier with Arch Enemy and Trivium at Marquee Theatre 12-1-17

PHOENIX —  In the brisk evening air of December 1st, fans waited outside the Marquee Theatre in eager anticipation.  It was Friday night and fans were ready to throw their weekday woes away and get ready to listen to the raw sounds awaiting them.  On tonight’s agenda: long established metal bands Arch Enemy and Trivium.

Fit for an Autopsy - Photo Credit: Dale Hurt
Joe Badolato (Vocalist), Fit for an Autopsy
Photo Credit: Dale Hurt © All Rights Reserved

Fit for an Autopsy & While She Sleeps

The night opened with New Jersey’s Fit for an Autopsy whose bass lines seemed to tremble right through the floor into your very breath.  The stage splashed with red and blue light as they worked up the crowd. Next up was While She Sleeps, all the way from Sheffield, England.  Lead vocalist Lawrence Taylor was a whirlwind of energy headbanging and even crowd surfing. Calling to the audience, he challenged them to “meet him” by crowd surfing all the way to the pit. Needless to say, many met his challenge. Taylor was all over the stage, even standing atop the drum set.  After their set, the crowd was definitely ready for Arch Enemy.

While She Sleeps - Photo Credit: Dale Hurt
Lawrence Taylor (Vocalist), While She Sleeps
Photo Credit: Dale Hurt © All Rights Reserved

Arch Enemy

As equipment was set up and sound checks were made, more and more people crowded into the room, shouldering and squeezing into their own perfect spot.  A backdrop reflecting hell itself stared back at the audience, with twisted demons and a red glowing reflection.  As the music started, a laser show of lights flooded the stage and members of the Swedish band Arch Enemy descended.  Vocalist Alissa White-Gluz dominated the stage with her powerful voice and energy.  She was a force to behold in her skeletal ripped bodysuit and wild blue hair.  Alongside her, guitarists Michael Amott and Jeff Loomis did amazing fingerwork and left the crowd screaming after their amazing guitar duo.  

Arch Enemy - Photo Credit: Dale Hurt
Angela Gossow (Vocalist), Arch Enemy
Photo Credit: Dale Hurt © All Rights Reserved

Arch Enemy promoted their new album Will to Power, showcasing some amazing songs such as “The World is Yours” and “The Eagle Flies Alone.”  In one moment, Alissa called to the audience, before the song “Will to Power”, to shine a light – and her will was done as the audience swayed their phones in the air.  She closed off the set with one of her favorite songs, “Payday.”  It’s safe to assume many who came to see Trivium that night left an Arch Enemy fan as well.  

Arch Enemy - Photo Credit: Dale Hurt
Jeff Loomis (Guitarist), Arch Enemy
Photo Credit: Dale Hurt © All Rights Reserved


After a short break for set changes, Trivium was about to take the stage.  In the dim lights, the audience got so excitedly impatient that they started chanting the band’s name: “Trivium!… Trivium!…” Their chants were met with red and white flashing lights, and Trivium took the stage.  The backdrop was the same as the cover of their new album, The Sin and the Sentence.  Blanketing the wall was solid black with clean gold lines and iconic images, a great reflection of the band.

Trivium - Photo Credit: Dale Hurt
Matt Heafy (Vocalist), Trivium
Photo Credit: Dale Hurt © All Rights Reserved

Lead vocalist Matt Heafy’s passionate and clean vocals were accented by the raw enraged voices of guitarist Corey Beaulieu and bassist Paolo Gregoletto.  While Trivium’s sound has changed over the years, the audience was in full agreement that they sounded amazing! Many fans sang along with the lyrics, Heafy’s clear and thought provoking words making this an easy task.  Songs like “The Heart from Your Hate” and “The Sin and the Sentence” are surprisingly addictive, with their fast paced melodies and powerful lyrics.   

Paolo Gregoletto (Bassist), Trivium
Photo Credit: Dale Hurt © All Rights Reserved

In Closing

The show was five straight hours of metal. There is something about metal that is cathartic, raw, and enticing; this show was no exception. Arch Enemy and Trivium helped take the week’s stress, ball it up, grind it into the ground and just let loose in the music, allowing everyone to start their weekend refreshed.   

Photo Gallery

Photographer: Dale Hurt

Trivium, Arch Enemy, & More – Marquee Theatre 12-1-17

Photography © Dale Hurt. All Rights Reserved