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Underoath - Photo Credit: Katherine Amy Vega
PHOENIX — As I finished my coffee outside Comerica Theater, I watched the ever expanding line of eager concert goers and couldn’t help but marvel at how much the demographic for Underoath and Bring Me The Horizon had changed over the years. Bands who once suffered ...Read More
The Paper Kites - Club Congress
Tucson, AZ — The Paper Kites rolled into town from San Diego to perform at the intimate Club Congress inside of the historic Hotel Congress. The 7 year old band of an indie folk-rock genre hails from Melbourne, Australia. The band supported headliner Passenger for this ...Read More
PHOTO ALBUM by Steven Kain Photography © Steven Kain Photography All Rights Reserved ...Read More
PHOENIX — If I were to describe Sleigh Bells’ unique brand of feedback-laden experimental electro-pop, I’d probably tell someone to imagine the sound that the nighttime cinematography of the film Drive would make if given human form. While admittedly a bit obtuse, I couldn't help but think ...Read More
Yellowcard - Marquee Theatre
TEMPE, Ariz. — For a few hours on March 22nd, current and former orchestra geeks got to feel like the epitome of cool for one more night as Yellowcard wound down their 20 year career to a sold out crowd at the Marquee Theatre in ...Read More
So let’s start by getting one thing straight, I love chaos. Whether it’s a basement full of people punching one another or taking ill advised jumps off bridges into a river, I vehemently believe that humanity is best served at it’s absolute wildest. As such, ...Read More
PHOENIX — Sundressed put on one hell of an LP release show Thursday night at The Rebel Lounge in Phoenix. I’d been anticipating the event since first hearing lead vocalist, Trevor Hedges during an unexpected acoustic performance at the Dashboard Confessional concert earlier this year. Many ...Read More
Viva PHX 2017 - Downtown Music Festival
PHOENIX — As the relatively packed light rail rolled to a stop, I knew I was in for an adventurous evening as I was greeted by roughly 50 bridal gown clad men and women shotgunning Red Bulls on the platform as passersby confusedly took pictures ...Read More
Katherine Amy Vega of Kataklizmic Design provides services to artists, especially musicians, and opportunities to freelancers and entrepreneurs. Watch #iwokeupbadass episode 5 to see how she became a media powerhouse, where her ambitions are leading her, and how her dream is building an artistic community! Katherine ...Read More
Quantum Colossus - Yucca Tap Room - Photo Credit: Katherine Amy Vega
TEMPE, Ariz. — It’s ten o’clock on a Friday night at Yucca Tap Room, and the crowd is starting to trickle in at a greater volume as drum and guitar duo Face The Flames is finishing up their set. It’s a good mix and seems ...Read More
TEMPE, Ariz. — Eyeliner-tinged catharsis and angst were alive and well at the Marquee on Friday night when AFI made their Arizona stop on The Blood Tour with support from Nothing, and Souvenirs. Souvenirs got the night started with a set heavy on tracks from their ...Read More
PHOENIX — Last night, locals Unagi Usagi performed at The Rhythm Room. They opened the gig with the high-energy "Holy Valkyrie", which takes the audience by storm without a buildup, and shows them they're in for something delightfully insane right off the bat. From start ...Read More
Dashboard Confessional - Photo: Katherine Amy Vega
TEMPE, Ariz. — Energy coursed through the crowd as Dashboard Confessional fans spewed through the doors of Tempe’s Marquee Theatre Wednesday night, anxiously awaiting the return of frontman Chris Carrabba’s sweet-sounding lyrical prowess. Following a charismatic opening performance by acoustic duo This Wild Life, Vinyl ...Read More
Quantum Colossus - Chopper John's
Welcome to the official debut of our Concertographer Cam™ - Exclusively from Burning Hot Events by Kataklizmic Design! This is the first episode of our Concertographer Cam™ web series - A perspective unlike any you've seen before! It's an exclusive behind-the-scenes look from the viewpoint ...Read More
Unagi Usagi - The Rebel Lounge
PHOENIX — Local "Anime-themed Punk" band Unagi Usagi (Japanese for Eel Bunny) performed at The Rebel Lounge in Phoenix on January 12. Oozing with animated and charismatic stage presence, and energy reminiscent of some of our favorite rock bands from the early 2000s, Unagi Usagi ...Read More
The Sounds - Marquee Theatre
TEMPE, Ariz. — Swedish indie group The Sounds rocked the house at Tempe's Marquee Theatre Saturday night with their 10th anniversary performance of sophomore album, Dying to Say This to You. Following energetic sets by spirited openers Zipper Club and My Jerusalem The Sounds guitarist, Felix ...Read More

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