REVIEW: The Piano Guys Strike Chords in Phoenix 8-5-16

PHOENIX — YouTube sensation The Piano Guys shined with the power of their unique piano and cello arrangements of popular music to an audience of 3,500 at Comerica Theatre. The Piano Guys not only create orchestral versions, but they also create hybrids of classical music and pop songs; such as “Hello / Lacrimosa“, bridging Adele and Mozart, and “melting together” Disney’s Frozen and Vivialdi with their rendition of “Let it Go“. Something that is to be truly appreciated is how they manage to keep classical music relevant for new generations.

Jon Schmidt of The Piano Guys playing piano
Jon Schmidt, The Piano Guys
© Kataklizmic Design

Steven Sharp Nelson, The Piano Guys - Photo Credit: Katherine Amy Vega
Steven Sharp Nelson, The Piano Guys
© Kataklizmic Design

The Piano Guys consist of Jon Schmidt, Steven Sharp Nelson, Paul Anderson, and Al van der Beek. The majority of the concert featured Schmidt (pianist) and Nelson (cellist). Al van der Beek joined the duo for vocal performances of “Father’s Eyes”, and “OKAY”, their debut to an upcoming release. Paul Anderson joined them for a couple of epic jams featuring all 4 of them, “Ants Marching/Ode To Joy” and “What Makes You Beautiful“.

The Piano Guys - Photo Credit: Katherine Amy Vega
The Piano Guys © Kataklizmic Design

They had a couple of delightful surprises for Phoenix when they were joined with guest performers from Chandler School of Fine Arts and Phoenix Youth Symphony for “Beethoven’s 5 Secrets“, and Mesa Caledonian Pipe Band for “This is Your Fight Song“. The young performers on the strings moved me to tears, and the climactic energy of the bagpipers gave me goosebumps.

Guest Youth on Strings - Photo Credit: Katherine Amy Vega
Guest Youth on Strings
© Kataklizmic Design

Jon Schmidt and Steven Sharp Nelson have great senses of humor, taking jabs at each other and interacting with the audience. They also engaged the audience with funny, entertaining and inspirational stories about things like how they started and became what they are today, getting a piano on the great wall of China, Nelson’s sneaky goal behind “Cello Wars“, and much more. At one point Schmidt got up from his piano and did an unanticipated and highly animated dance that, combined with Nelson’s hilarious reaction, had the audience cracking up.

Jon Schmidt, The Piano Guys - Photo Credit: Katherine Amy Vega
Jon Schmidt, The Piano Guys
© Kataklizmic Design

Seeing The Piano Guys live is definitely something you want to add to your bucket list. You might be pleasantly surprised and how much a concert featuring the piano and cello will rock your world.

The Piano Guys' Setlist – Comerica Theatre
The Piano Guys’ Setlist – Comerica Theatre
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Photographer: Katherine Amy Vega

The Piano Guys – Comerica Theatre 8-5-16

Photography © Katherine Amy Vega, Kataklizmic Design
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