Glossy Burning Music Note Coasters 4-Pack


Just by grabbing a pack of these bright and shiny coasters, you can not only protect your furniture, but also support countless musicians, our independent publication, journalists, photographers, web developer, graphic designer, software expenses, and more.

  • High Quality
  • 4” x 4” size
  • Easy-to-clean, high-gloss finish
  • 125” thick with durable cork backing to keep them in place

Pre-Order: Printed On-Demand

Our merch sales go directly to the monthly operating expenses of Burning Hot Events and the team. Our items are not mass-produced, so we do not keep an inventory of most, but rather order them from the printer on-demand. So please allow extra time for the printer to deliver the items to us before we ship them out to you!

Support the artists in our community and BHE keep burning brightly!  💜

Available on backorder

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4" x 4"


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